NC VIP Fishing Tournament Rules

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We want you to enjoy a day of fishing and for all VIPs to have an equal opportunity to win a trophy.

The NC VIP Fishing Tournament is a Catch and Release Tournament. Fish will be caught, scored, and released ASAP.

As the VIPs arrive attendance will be recorded. VIPs will arrive with their score card, as the score cards will be given to each group leader when they register their group. If the VIP doesn’t have a card, fill one out and note in upper right hand corner, NO CARD. Attach the score card around their neck and direct them to the rod pickup area.

Score keepers will be assigned to each pier/boat to record and assign a value for fish caught on the VIPs score card. The Score Keepers will be on both sides of the piers with in a 25 ft. area. They will have VIP arm bands for identification. A Scoring Captain will be assigned to each pier or boat to make final decisions on any disputes.

The Score Keepers will score the fish as they are caught. Each fish caught will be given a score value based on the type/species as defined by the Common N. C. Saltwater Fishes Chart and the number value assigned by the fishing committee. The scoring system will be from 1 – 9 points with no double digits.

At days end, the cards will be collected and totaled as the weight was in previous years. The points earned by each VIP will be totaled to determine the winners. The largest fish will be determined by the total inches recorded on the score card. All scorecards will be collected by the Score Captain and given to Ron Staley at the First Flight Lions Club.

Thank you to the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries for sending volunteers to help score each pier!

Can you help?

The NC Lions Visually Impaired Persons Fishing Tournament needs your help. A donation of any amount, or even a donation of your time, will help us continue this event for visually impaired Persons across NC and beyond.