Thank you for the loving care that everyone received at the VIP Fishing Tournament. We are grateful and privileged to have shared this special event with VIPs. May God continue to bless your efforts.

Crystal McDaniel, Mrs. North Carolina, 2002

….I would not accept the fact that I was going blind. The center of my bed had become my comfort zone. There I was safe, no bumping into things, no hurting myself, not wanting to be around people. The real change came at the fishing tournament. On this trip I found out that there is life after blindness! While on this trip I found a part of me that I lost when I started losing my sight. I had lost my joy. But thanks to the Lions club and their fishing tournament I now have my joy again. …Lions clubs are giving the gift of love, understanding, and most of all a new outlook on life.

Nancy Coltrain

We appreciate all the hard work you Lions do so the blind and visually impaired can have a wonderful week of fellowship, fun, and fishing.

Tony Ferrita and the Alamance County Group

The highlight for us this year was the chance to go on the Miss Virginia Dare and the dolphin watch. Captain Meredith did a great job bringing the boat close enough that those with some vision could see the dolphin swimming by.

Linda Taylor, Martin County Social Worker for the Blind

Can you help?

The NC Lions Visually Impaired Persons Fishing Tournament needs your help. A donation of any amount, or even a donation of your time, will help us continue this event for visually impaired Persons across NC and beyond.