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Lions VIP Fishing Tournament | Outer Banks, NC

The next VIP Fishing Tournament will be October 16-18, 2023! Volunteers will be needed October 15-18, 2023.


  • Applications accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Each person attending must fill out a separate application. This includes all drivers, workers, spouses, volunteers and guides requiring accommodations. Otherwise rooms are not guaranteed.
  • Forms must be filled out completely and signed or they will be returned and you will then be put in order of acceptance according to the date of the next submission.
  • Local transportation and the coordination of this transportation is the responsibility of the volunteer.
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be in a volunteer or participant’s possession or consumed by a volunteer or participant while participating in the event. Anyone found violating this regulation will be sent home.
  • If there are any accidents or medical needs while at the tournament you are required to call 252-202-2329.
  • Entering your name and clicking Submit on the form indicates your acceptance of these terms, and is your legally binding signature for this application.
  • By entering my name and submitting this online application, I, the undersigned do hereby release and discharge the NC Lions VIP Fishing Tournament, and any of its agents, affiliates, employees, and servants from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, or rights which I, or any of my friends or relatives, may have against said Tournament or its agents, affiliates, employees, or servants on account of connecting with or growing out of any injury, accident, loss, or damage or suffering, I or my immediate family may hereafter sustain arising out of acceptance of this application.
  • By entering my name and submitting this online application I further agree to release to the VIP Tournament all rights and privileges to photographs taken of me for use in VIP Fishing Tournament publicity that is in the proper interest of the Tournament.
  • By entering my name and submitting this online application I attest that I have read, or caused to be read to me, the foregoing and do hereby acknowledge that I fully understand each and every part thereof. I acknowledge these regulations and agree to abide by them.
  • Send application to: Gwen A. White, Executive Director, P. O. Box 140, Columbia, NC 27925. Phone: (252) 202-2329 or


  • Rooms are $125 each for a double room and $175 for a single room.
  • You will be provided eight meals.
  • After submitting application you will be directed to make payment via Paypal on our website. If you prefer, you may write a check, payable to VIP Fishing Tournament, Inc.
  • Mail check to: Gwen A. White, Executive Director, P O Box 140, Columbia, NC, 27925.

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